So... I'm in Russia. As many of you know, I've just started my third year of university. For a language student like me, that means spending my entire academic year abroad in order to improve my language skills. I will be in Russia until mid December and then jetting off to Madrid at the end of January. So, since the 7th September, I've been living in Russia - how crazy is that?! Anyway, that would explain my absence, I've just needed to settle in and now that I have finally got into a routine in place I feel like I can return to by blog. I could've posted earlier but I only wanted to return to blogging when I knew that I could commit to it whole-heartedly. Anyway, this blog is going to stay beauty/fashion related, but if you do want to keep up with my Year Abroad experience, I've started up a YA blog, which is linked below. Also, I've posted a video filling you guys in a bit on what's being going on on YT if you'd prefer to watch rather than read!

I'll be back to posting normally ASAP, but I felt like I needed to fill you guys in before I returned back to normal. I hope you all are well, and if you are heading off to uni this year good luck!!



  1. I admire your courage to go out there and live a whole year in not just one, but two foreign countries(!) I really want to do that one day, just leave, explore. I can't imagine myself living in a country if I'm not fluent in the national language. Thankfully english speaking countries are aplenty, and my good ol' native french can still take me to some pretty lovely islands...

    1. Aw thank you - it's definitely been scary but honestly amazing at the same time. I'd love to be able to speak french - I'm so jealous :) x