As you may know, I've been out of the UK for close to 2 months so I have only just had the opportunity to open the July/August offerings from the beauty box community. For the next few months, this is probably how I will be writing these posts as I will be on my Year Abroad and will therefore only get to open my beauty boxes late and en masse. They will not be as detailed as they will be most likely several months late, but I still want to show you guys which products I receive. Let me know what you think!

I got the July Glossybox before I left the UK for the summer. This was one of the best Glossyboxes in a while - my review is here.

To be honest, the only thing that looks interesting to me is the hand cream, and maybe the hair mask. The blush is minuscule, I've had enough shower gel in my day, and I'm always a bit cautious about new skincare as my skin is quite sensitive. This box is probably one of the worst Birchbox's to date - very disappointed.

Another 'meh' box, a definite disappointment after last month's offering. The Jelly Pong Pong 2 in 1 Eyeliner & Shadow duo looks fairly interesting, I got it in a nice dark forest green. The eyelash curlers are a pleasant addition and the Tresemme treatment looks decent. The other products I could take or leave honestly.  

This is probably the best of the bunch, but it still didn't exactly blow me away. The products that look exciting to me are the lip crayon, the hair oil and the eye mask extra! At first I was so disappointed that I received the hair oil rather than the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - however about an hour later I saw that Instyle are giving away the same sample size this month, so it's actually a win-win situation for me! There is also a primer and a day cream in here to try, as well as a Molton Brown shower gel. 

So that is the round up of the last 2 months worth of beauty boxes! Let me know what you think of the boxes and what your favourite is!


  1. Viva la Juicy just smells way to good! :)

    1. Sorry for the late reply - I'm a bit useless! Yeah I know it is probably my favourite Juicy fragrance :) x

  2. Sounds so interesting,being abroad all this time? Good you still find to blog every so often.
    I've only just subscribed to glossybox,and was considering birch box too,hope I made the right choice?
    Your August Box definately does look the best,love the look of the lip crayon.
    Fab blog,hope your having a lovely time on your travels x

    1. Sorry for the late reply - I'm a bit useless! Yeah it's definitely an adventure! Glossybox is honestly so hit and miss, so if you are a bit short on money then I would save your money for something you really want, but if you enjoy trying out new things and have the money available then it's a great way to get some good products. Birchbox is much the same - a bit of a lottery! x