With the temperatures dropping and the wind picking up, every girl needs a good set of winter knits. This year, I've got a love affair with red, and it's definitely not a secret. Both my go-to scarf and hat are a gorgeous shade of deep crimson that go with everything. However, as go not go overboard, I chose to go with THESE gloves, which are a lovely mix of cream, black and brown knitted goodness that keep my digits toasty, but still allow for iPhone usage without your hands turning blue. Both my gloves and scarf are from Accessorize, which I think does some of the best winter bits for your money - some of the pieces are sosoft, and they don't break the bank. The SCARF I decided on is rather unique, although it may not appear to be at first. It is a snood, but where the two ends join together are three buttons that you can undo, allowing you to switch it between a snood and a normal scarf - I love a multi purpose product. I think that it's a genius idea personally, and it's incredibly cozy as well. My HAT was a lucky find from M&S which I managed to find a few days before flying out to Russia. It's not only cute and practical, but it is also lined with the softest material - making it an absolute joy to wear. So these are this years' picks, what's keeping you warm this winter?

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