Ring set - H&M (£3.99)
(Can"t find exact ones online but these are similar)
Above the knuckle ring - River Island (£2.00 for 2)

Yes I know, 6 rings is a little excessive, but you get the point. I'm currently in love with stackable rings, especially relatively plain ones, as they can really add that extra pizzaz to an outfit without overwhelming it (unless you decide to wear 6 on each hand, that might be a little bit OTT). My current colour of choice is gold - I think it suites my pink-toned skin quite well and at the same time has a rather festive feel to it. Luckily for my wallet, stackable rings seem to be all the rage on the high street at the moment, so you can get great sets like the one above for next to nothing - christmas stocking idea? This 9 piece ring set only set me back £3.99, with the 2 piece River Island set coming in at only £2! Have you found any great sets? Let me know in the comment section below...

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