Topshop Gloss Ink in 'Sloe Gin' - £8

Enter the latest version of the lip gloss/stain hybrid - Topshop's Gloss Inks. I was perusing the makeup aisle at my local Topshop when I saw them. I grabbed the first one I saw - a gorgeous vampy pink, and swatched it - it was love at first swipe (see what I did there?) Before I knew it, I was back home, and it was all mine to play with. When comparing this to the other glossy stains, this definitely seems to be the thickest. It wasn't the easiest to apply, if I'm honest, because it's quite sticky and thick so it's hard to get neat - I admit I had to pull out the makeup wipes at one point. But... it's just so darn gorgeous and shiny! It retails for £8, which is a fraction more than most of its drugstore competitors, but it's still a fraction of it's YSL counterpart. I will say though, that unless you love one of the colours from the Topshop range, I would try out a few of the drugstore versions first - like the L'Oreal Splash Stains - because they are much easier to apply. Don't get me wrong, Sloe Gin is gorgeous, but it takes a lot more effort to look good and I feel like if I wore it outside, I would constantly be worrying about getting it all over my face. If you're interested in trying it still, I would advise that you go and swatch it first and see what you think.

*Apologies for the badly photoshopped photo - my skin was so dry and gross so I tried to blur it out a bit, which slightly affected the right side of the top lip (which wasn't looking good to begin with due to tricky application). However, apart from that, I didn't touch the lips, so it's still an accurate representation of the product.


  1. What a shame the application was such a hassle because it looks glorious on the lips! x

    1. I know! It might be better with a lip brush but that would be a right hassle. Thanks for the follow! xx

  2. I still haven't tried anything from Topshop! This is such a lovely looking product! It appears glossy, vampy (like you said) but still manages to be very vibrant! Love it!!

  3. I just got the Gloss Ink in Cruel, and I'm sooooo in love with it! I feel like I need the whole range of them right now :( My poor bank account...