Just before christmas, I finally got my hands on my first Ambient Lighting Powder from Hourglass - the hight of makeup luxury as far as I'm concerned - and it better be at £38 a pop. As soon as it landed through my letter box, I immediately ripped open the packaging and my excitement reached a level that was previously unknown to me. Was this to be the holy grail powder as promised? Well, yes and no. Its perfectly milled texture looked absolutely stunning on my skin - providing the airbrush finish I had so longed after. However, something was very wrong - the colour. I had asked around before purchasing and had been told that if I wanted an all-over face powder - then the shade Dim Light was probably my best bet. Unfortunately, I had underestimated quite how pale my skin had become whilst in Russia, and when I tried to use Dim Light all over, I looked rather, well... sun-kissed, but in a bad way. I was devastated, as I adored everything else about the powder. Luckily for me, not all is lost as it makes a killer contour/subtle bronzer. However, my craving was yet to be satisfied - I had to get the right colour. With a bit or research, and a lot of online browsing (it was out of stock everywhere!) I managed to order 'Diffused Light' - Dim Light's slightly paler sister. All that was left to do was wait and hope that Diffused Light was every bit as marvellous as Dim Light - but better suited for my skin tone. And boy is it. Diffused Light is absolutely perfect in every way - it blurs pores and imperfections, it sets my makeup, and it adds a stunning glow - all I could ever ask for. So, even though it was a fairly pricey mistake, I now have a killer face powder/contour combo and my skin has never looked as airbrushed and glow-y. I can therefore declare that not only are these miracle powders worth the hype, but that they have become my favourite face powders of all time. There, I said it.

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  1. glad i saw this! been eyeing up these powders since they've exploded on to the bblogger scene and everyone talks about dim light; im as pale as they get so i'll have to check out diffused light! love your blog by the way, just discovered it. :)