There's nothing better than browsing Topshop's latest offerings, and the beauty isle is my main calling. Whilst I was there they were having a 'two for £9' deal (one usually costs £5) so I grabbed a gorgeous Nude for one of my upcoming 'Spring Trends' posts, and a midnight metallic blue just for the fun of it. Then, just as I was approaching the till, I spotted a gorgeous metallic bronze on sale for £3 - bargain! Another beauty that I picked up was one of their new 'Gloss Ink' lip stain/gloss hybrid in the colour 'Sloe Gin' - this is a stunner and deserves its own blog post - watch this space.

Like I said, I have a number of posts coming up looking at S/S '14 makeup/nails trends, so I had to pop out to fill in the missing pieces. Picture this; orange lips, nude nails, graphic liner - yep, that's all to come. Beauty buys include; a white kohl lines, an orange lipstick and a nude nail polish. The first post will be popping up in February so look out for that!

As many you may know, I start my second leg of my Year Abroad at the beginning of February which means I'm moving to Madrid for 6 months (woo!). 6 months + 2 suitcases = tricky packing situation. Luckily enough, I can buy Bioderma out there but I just wanted a baby one to keep me going until I've settled in. Plus, they now sell Bioderma at the Lifestyle Pharmacy in Bath - woohoo! 

There's no feeling better than taking 6 empty makeup containers back to a shop and swapping them for a gorgeous brand new lipstick. That, right there is the magic of 'Back 2 M.A.C.', and boy did I enjoy swapping 5 empty eyebrow pencils and a used up foundation tube for the gorgeousness that is MAC's 'Sunny Seoul'. Never heard of it before? Well neither have I, but I can assure you it's a stunner. Separate post coming your way!


  1. lovely haul! Can't wait to see the separate posts! Especially for that MAC lipstick :)

  2. I love Back to MAC -ing. I currently have 3 empties, can't wait to get 3 more x

    1. I know! I haven't done it in a while so I forgot how good it feels! x

  3. Love the MAC lipstick and the mini Bioderma is too cute! Lovely blog, new follower xox


  4. I must find Bioderma somewhere near me soon omg you can't ignore the amount of rave it is, I'm using the L'Oreal equivalent but I hear it's nowhere near as good.