River Island Cosmetics Bag // £13 
River Island Coin Purse // £5

I was in River Island the other day, when I spotted this gorgeous cosmetics bag. I have a bit more luggage allowance to take to Madrid so I was looking for a slightly bigger makeup bag, and this one fits the bill. It's plastic, so it'll be easy to clean, and it's big enough to fit a good amount of makeup in without overdoing it. If you want a size reference, the Naked 3 palette just about fits in it, which is super useful as that's coming with me! The other thing I picked up is one of their little coin purses in a sky blue colour. I bought one of these for my friends not long ago when she was carrying all her money and cards around in a oyster card holder, and she has got so much use out of it. My plan is to use this as a 'going out' wallet - just tuck your money, your bank card and your ID into it and you're good to go! These cute little purses come in loads of colours, from pastels and neons, to plain black and white - so there's a colour for every personality. The sky blue colour just reminded me of spring - so I had to have it! Have you found anything cute in River Island lately? Let me know in the comment section!


  1. I love that little purse and the colour is gorgeous. Have a fab time in Madrid. xx

  2. They're both lovely!
    I love the colour of the coin purse, it's so pretty.
    Have a great holiday!
    Mia I pretty eclectic

    1. Thanks - I'm actually moving to Madrid for 6 months :) x

  3. That little coin purse is so cute xx