TOPSHOP Nail Polish in 'High Voltage' - £5.00

The other day, I was watching Esteé's (EssieButton) recent 'Drugstore Haul' and I was immediately attracted to the gorgeous nail polish she was sporting. Unfortunately, she was showing off products that she had bought whilst on holiday in Canada, and the nail polish - the Revlon Parfumiere Nail Enamel in 'African Tea Rose' - isn't available in the UK. Sigh, why does this always happen to me? Anyway, since I'm not heading stateside anytime soon, I decided that I just had to try and find a dupe that could be found on the high street. After about an hour of searching through Boots, Superdrug, and any other shop that could possible sell nail polish, I decided that I would go to one last shop before giving up - Topshop. The closest thing I could find on my travels was Topshop's 'High Voltage' - now admittedly, this isn't quite as blue-based as I'd hoped, but it will satisfy my craving for now. As per usual, the formula of this is lovely, it has great lasting power, and it dries to a super glossy finish. However, I am still on the look out - so if any of you know of any better dupes, let a girl know! 

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  1. that's a gorgeous shade! See, I have the opposite problem! We don't have a topshop where I live, but I could pick up the African Tea Rose shade! haha, great post :)