If I could, I would have half of the kitchen sinks worth of skincare on my bedside table, but that's just not going to work, is it? Like many others, I go through cycles of products that I like to have close both morning and night, but due to all the travelling I've been doing lately, I've managed to dispose of any unnecessary products taking up space and just focus on the essentials. These are not necessarily favourite products, but types of products that I like to have near by. First, we have a good ol' body cream. Favourites include the Vaseline Spray & Go, the Garnier Intensive 7 Days Lotion and recently, an oldie but a goodie - The Body Shop Body Butter in my favourite scent - Satsuma. You just can't beat slathering on some delicious smelling body butter and waking up in the morning with baby-soft pins. So that's all for body, but I also have three face essentials to share. First, I like to have a face oil in my bedside draw for when I want a boost of overnight hydration. I've been really enjoying using the Radiance Face Oil from Balance Me, as its rollerball design makes it super easy to apply, and I always wake up with a soft, smooth complexion. Lot's of people are scared of facial oils - don't be, they are your friend! Another thing that comes in handy is a facial mist. I currently have one from Avene, but any one will do. They help to soothe any skin irritations (including sunburn), relieve tight or dry skin, and have many other benefits. I personally like to have a facial mist to cool me down if I wake up warm, and to wake up my skin when I first get out of bed. Not to mention, these can be used to set makeup and kept in your handbag when travelling to keep you feeling fresh. Last but not least we have the No Puffery Eye Mask from Origins - a cooling gel that will help to banish puffy eyes in a jiffy Had a late night? Not slept a wink? This will become your best friend. Not only can this be used as an on-the-spot treatment, but you can also leave it on for longer and treat your eyes to the TLC that they deserve. Quick tip: Keep yours in the fridge to give it extra de-puffing power!

Do you have any must-have bedside beauty products? Let me know in the comments section!


  1. I have a stash next to my bed too, as well as bulging bathroom shelves lol! Love the sound of the Origins eye mask, what a great product x x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    1. I'm having trouble knowing where to keep it all!! x