Before moving to Spain, I'd heard a lot of buzz about the brand Kiko, but I had never seen it anywhere. So, when I saw a huge store on the Oxford Street equivalent of Madrid - I just had to take a peek inside. The shop is gorgeous, with makeup and nail polishes as far as the eye can see - and what's better - their products are extremely affordable. I only ended up picking up two polishes, but trust me, I'll probably be back in that store before this post is even published. The nail polishes retail for €2.90 (£2.40), yet many of them are on sale at the moment and I picked this gorgeous red shade up for a mind-boggling €1! For that kind of money, you wouldn't really expect much from this gorgeous polish - but it's actually really lovely! I got the shade 240 Apple Red, and not only is the colour lovely, but it also lasts really, really well for the price. I got a solid 4/5 days without much chip wear, which is about what I get with brands like Essie or Models Own. My only problem with this is the application - the brush is lovely, however the polish overall is a tad too thick. Don't get me wrong - it's definitely workable, but it required a bit more effort to get perfect. However, fo€1, this performed admirably and I am looking forward to try out more nail shades, as well as other makeup from the brand! 

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