Over the last two weeks, we've already taken a look at two of S/S '14's hottest trends - the nude nail and the orange lip, but today it's all about the eyes. This season there has been a great focus on out-there eye makeup, and I've chosen 4 of my favourite looks to show you today. So, let's get cracking!

Blue on Blue:
There has been a lot of colour on the runway, but something that has stood out a lot is the use of cobalt and ultramarine blue as a liner or accent. Here I used Rimmel's Scandaleyes Eyeliner in 'Blue' and used a bit of white underneath to make it pop. If this is too full on for you, you could always use it just on the lower lash line for a pop of colour, rather than a full on wing. 

All-around Smokey:
Even though S/S is usually the time for light, easy makeup, there seems to be a lot of black kohl about. Dark, smudged lash lines and inky waterlines are very big this season, and I used another Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner, this time in the shade 'Sparkly Black' to intensify the lash lines and smudge up into the crease to create a 'I slept in my makeup last night' kinda look. 

White and Simple:
White has also been a big thing for the upcoming season. I decided to stay fairly simple and subtle, but there have some amazing use of white eyeliner to create some very striking looks. Unfortunately the white liner I was using wasn't that great, so it was hard to achieve the desired intensity, but it does provide you with a more wearable version of a high-fashion style.

Big Liquid Liner:
Ah, the good old retro liner. There's been a lot of very clean and graphic designs on the runway, but none can beat the classic cat eye. Something that I've noticed is that they are staying very top-heaving - meaning big liner on the upper lash line, and none on the bottom. Again, this is a slightly strange one for S/S as it's pretty heavy, but I love a winged look so I ain't complaining! 

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