We all spend so much time and money making sure our hair, body and face are kept in tip top shape, but many of us manage to neglect our hands. I am personally someone that always carries around hand cream, but about 90% of the time I forget to use it, meaning that my hands tend to miss out when it comes to their pamper session. Sure, your mitts absorb whatever you put on your face or body, but why don't they get a routine of their own? After all their hard work, surely they at least deserve that. This is where Rituals comes to the rescue, with their incredible Miracle Scrub and Balm. 

The Miracle Scrub is described as 'enriched with nourishing oils that the skin absorbs, which help to restore skin elasticity and hydration' - now doesn't that sound like just the treat? Then we have the gorgeous Miracle Balm - 'This unique hand balm is specially designed to nourish and soften dry and rough hands, with Glycerin that leaves your hands soft and nourished. It combines the sweet smell of White Lotus, which nourishes the skin, and Ginkgo Biloba, which in Japan represents life and strength.'

So, let your hands enjoy a bit of luxury for once and check out the Rituals website, or if your lucky enough, a store near you. Right, I'm off to give my mitts a good ol' scrub!

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