The NARS Contour Blush - this new release from NARS is truly a stunner, and promises to help you carve out those cheek bones in a matter of minutes. Retailing for £30, it's a tad steep, but according to the recent blogging hype, it's apparently worth you pretty pennies. So, I trotted on down to the nearest department store to see how it measured up, and it may have ended up in my shopping basket. Okay, okay - I know what you're thinking, 'You're on a spending ban' - but just bear with me as I actually have two fairly legitimate reason for picking this beauty up;

1. I actually ordered this back in March from the UK site to be delivered for when I was back home at Easter, but it never came... AND 2. I went and bought this on the 27th, my 21st birthday, as a birthday present to myself.

So, like I said, fairly legit reasons, but I know, I still cheated. Send me a virtual slap! Anyway, now that we've got that 'disclaimer' out of the way, let's have a quick chit chat about this lovely new release from one of my all-time favourite brands, NARS. Like I said, I've been trying to get my hands on this for yonks, so the day I opened up that pretty, crisp NARS packaging was a joyous one. I got the shade 'Olympia' - the lightest of the three - and boy is it a stunner. Now, I haven't got a huge amount of use of of it yet for two reasons - one, I'm in revision hibernation which basically means no makeup for days, and two, I'm rocking a bit of a tan (I know, I'm surprised too!) so this isn't showing up as nicely as I would hope. Do not fret though, I will never be tanned like this again, so I'm not really concerned about the current colour match. However, I did get a few uses out of it before the Spanish sun struck, so I know that it does indeed to wonders on my typically NW20ish skin tone. 

In the pan, I'll admit, it is a slightly strange colour - almost a muted terracotta, but I assure you that it's the perfect tone for sculpting out those perfect cheekbones that my chubby face usually doesn't possess. On par with the rest of the NARS powders, the texture of the contour shade is dreamy - buttery and super blend-able, however the highlighter is slightly chalkier. Well I say chalkier, but that's compared to the other shade who's texture is out of this world. Yeah, I'm not a huuuge fan of the highlighter - mainly because it's matte. I think if they had added just the teeniest bit of sheen to it then it would have been a hit, but for me, it just feels a tad... flat. Luckily, it only takes up a fraction of the duo, so I'm fine just using the contour shade and ignoring the highlighter for the time being, until I find a proper use for it. I imagine it could be useful if you're really trying to create a super contoured look, but for everyday, I prefer something a little sparklier. 

So overall, it's a hit for me. Yeah, the highlighter is a bit lacklustre, but the contour shade more than makes up for it. I apologise that I don't have any photos of the product on, but as I said, it isn't showing up its full potential at the moment due to my slightly deepened skin tone. However, I promise that as soon as I'm back to my pasty self, I'll write up an update post with swatches galore so you lot can see how it looks in-situ. 

What are your favourite contour products? Have you tried this NARS version? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section!


  1. Aah! I am sure this would look AMAZING on you! :-) I want to get one for my complexion too.. Paloma may be? We'll see! and you are grounded for breaking the spending ban! :P


  2. I haven't really contoured before but this sounds quite good! I'm a huge fan of NARS products so this may be something for me to try out. xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  3. Haha thanks Divya! Yeah, Paloma might be a good match, do you have a NARS counter near you so you could try it? I know, I know! :) x

  4. Yep, it'll be lovely on my super-white winter skin!! x

  5. I know, I don't really understand it either :/ The tiniest bit of shimmer would have saved it! x

  6. Let me know if you try it out :) x

  7. I hope these come out in Italy because I keep reading amazing reviews! I have the fear the matte highlight it's not going to show up much though...