Real Techniques 'Nic's Picks' - £25.50 from Escentual

Ever since I saw the news of this newest set release from Real Techniques, I knew that it would be mine. I'm a huge fan of every RT brush I own, and a personal favourite is my much loved Duo-Fiber Face Brush that gets used everyday - which was a huge factor in wanting to get my hands on this set. Not only that, but this set includes three 'set exclusive' brushes (yes you heard me right - three) which made it simply irresistible to me. 

The set contains:

Duo-Fiber Face Brush a large, fluffy duo-fiber brush that is perfect for the lightweight application and blending of powder
Cheek Brush (set exclusive) densely packed and beautifully soft, this brush applies blusher evenly for a more dramatic finish
Angled Shadow Brush (set exclusive) your ideal partner for a professional-looking smoky eye, perfectly cut for applying shadow to the crease
Base Shadow Brush the essential brush for an even, smooth and flawless eyeshadow base
Eyeliner Brush (set exclusive) firm and angled for optimal control, this brush is ideal for powder, gel and cream eyeliner

The Cheek Brush, the Angled Shadow Brush and the Eyeliner brush are all exclusive to this set, and despite not having much time to play around with them yet, they are very welcome additions to my brush collection. Another thing that's great about this particular set is the fact that it's great for beginners as it contains everything a beginner could need - a powder/foundation brush, a blush brush, two eyeshadow brushes and an eyeliner/brow brush. Also at £25 (although I believe it'll be £30 in Boots?) it's great value for five fantastic brushes that are not only well made, but look gorgeous too. 

Are you planning on picking up this set when it hits stores on October 1st, or are you planning to be that bit stronger than me and restrain yourself?


  1. Thanks for this review, these look really great.

  2. I was debating on getting these as I need more bruses for my eye shadows. Of course, needed within a resonable price range. This has helped me a lot thanks for sharing xx

  3. Wow I thought that these weren't coming out until October. Excccelllennnttt.

    Bloomin' Rouge

  4. The set looks gorgeous, and I'd totally buy it just for the set exclusives. Hopefully I can get my hands on it because I'm a huge fan of RT brushes. They're basically all I own haha :P

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  5. I love the colour of the handles on these! I also love most of the brushes in this set, it's definitely going on my wishlist x


  6. I couldn't recommend them enough :) x

  7. Haha same - they've even started to replace some of my MAC ones with them!! x

  8. I know - I was so excited when I saw them on the site!! x

  9. No problem - I would really recommend the set :) x