I've always been a fan of charm bracelets - I think they're a lovely way to piece together different memories, and it's amazing when the combined bracelet has been made up of charms from different people because it will always remind you of them. I only have one charm bracelet which is from Thomas Sabo, and I absolutely adore it, so today I thought I'd walk you through what makes up my charm bracelet and what all of the individual pieces mean to me.

The Bracelet (£29.95):
If I recall correctly, this gorgeous black bracelet was given to me for my 17th birthday by my best friend at the time. Thomas Sabo has a wide variety of bracelets to adorn your favourite charms with, but the classic black had always been my favourite by far. 

'Te Quiero' (discontinued, but similar linked):
The 'te quiero' ('I love you' in Spanish) charm was the first part of this ensemble that I actually received - at least two or three years before I had the bracelet itself. My eldest sister Lauren got it for me for Christmas one year, and said that she chose it because she knew how much I loved learning Spanish (and she was right!) I've actually never seen this one anywhere else before, so I'm so glad she got it for me as it really represents a large part of who I am.

The Dog (£50):
This gorgeous little dog was gifted to me by my younger sister, Evie, on my 18th birthday. It means an incredible amount to me because - although I think it's a Scottie dog - it looks incredibly like a miniature Schnauzer. She got this for me because sadly, a week before my birthday our little miniature Schnauzer had passed away, so this is so that I never forget his mischievous little self. 

The Chinese Knot (£19.95):
Last but not least we have the Chinese Knot, which was part of my 21st birthday present from both of my sisters. I have to say that I did have a part in choosing this because they asked me for gift ideas, but the reason I wanted this was to represent the ten years of my life living in Hong Kong, and that although I'm British by birth and blood, part of my heart will always lie in Asia. 

Are you guys big fans of charms? Do you have any meaningful ones? Do share!


  1. Aw I love how all of your charms have a real sentiment to you. I love the actual bracelet too, I've never had any Thomas Sabo jewellery but it's definitely being considered for the Christmas wishlist this year! x

  2. The meaning behind all of the charms is lovely and the best part of bracelets like this! My nana bought me a rose quartz Thomas Sabo bracelet with an eiffel tower charm because she knows I dream of going to Paris!


  3. It's honestly so lovely when you have something so sentimental! x