It's quite bizarre, but all of my best ideas seem to come to me when I'm trying to sleep. No matter how many times I repeat said ideas over and over in my head in the hope that they'll still be lingering when I wake up in the morning, they always disappear leaving me frustrated that I didn't get up and write them down. However, if I spent all my time writing down ideas that came to me when trying to fall sleep, I'd still be typing as the sun rises every morning, so this is never been a practical solution for me. Recently, I was messing around with my iPhone and decided to try out the dictation tool and found it to be extremely useful for helping me to solve this problem. Now when those ideas inevitably come to me when I hit the pillow, I can pick up my phone with my eyes still firmly closed and dictate my thoughts and ideas so that I can continue to try and sleep whilst speaking out loud, rather than in my own head. It's surprising how useful this is been to me - dictating makes the writing process so much faster and I can simply copy and paste my notes, saving hours when it comes to writing blog posts because I don't need to think about it because I've already done all the work.

When do you find you work best? Have you found a tool to make the most of the best ideas and to record them effectively? Do you think the dictation tool could be helpful when you're writing blog posts? Let me know!

I x

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