As soon as the first golden leaf of the year touches the frost-bitten ground I'm ready to apply my favourite autumn nail shade - burgundy. Most of my favourite polishes of all time have been LE OPI polishes that all belong to the same colour family, colours like the British passport or cool, sweet sangría from my beloved Spain. As mentioned, I've gone through countless limited edition bottles and the same number of heartbreaks when they've inevitably dried up or ran out. Therefore, about 2 years ago I decided to begin the hunt for a colour that was part of a permanent collection so that I wouldn't have to go through the same thing once the bottle was old and gloopy. In my search, I've come across some lovely variations of my beloved autumn shade (as well as a pretty damn good dupe) that I've decided to share with you today to help other poor, polish-less souls out in their journey for the perfect burgundy.
A darker take on the classic with a semi-metallic finish.
Seche Bella (£7.95)
A true metallic wine coloured shade to make the heart swoon.
A lighter variation but equally as classy.
The original LE shade from OPI that has since bitten the dust.
The ultimate dupe for OPI Boris and Natasha, as well as the above Mrs O'Leary's BBQ.

Are you a fan of a good ol' vampy shade or do you prefer other colours for A/W? What are your favourites? 

I x

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