A week or so ago I finally got around to purchasing an e-course that I've been eyeing up for ages - Blog Life by the girls over at A Beautiful Mess. I'm going to do a blog post about the course once I've finished it, but as of now I'm only a few chapters in. Despite this, I'm already starting to implement changes to my blog, and today I'm going to introduce some new features that will be premiering this month. I'm still messing around with names and final details, but I have planned out four series, each of which will be posted on their respective weekend during the month:

Real Talk: I've talked about RT here if you want to see a more in-depth description, but the idea behind this feature is to discuss real life issues that people tend to steer clear of in the blogging world. I'm definitely open to requests, so if you've got a topic that you'd like to cover, please let me know! My first installment is called 'Summertime and Scaring' and it'll be coming to you on the 19th!

Travel Feature: I've been lucky enough to travel a hell of a lot during my life, so I think it's about time that I share some of my wisdom. I will still be using my travel blog for larger posts like photo diaries, but advice posts and tips will be up on here now! I haven't 100% decided on the name, so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

Favourites Feature: With #WIBL winding to a close soon (these won't be posted on weekends anymore, but as a regular beauty post as some point during the week) I've decided to revamp a 'favourite' type post that will only be published once a month. I'm still working out the fine print and will probably be experimenting with the style of it, but I'm excited to shake things up a bit!

Feature #4: I'm still toying with ideas for this series, but it should definitely be finalised by the time it premieres in October (it would be posted today, but I wanted to introduce you to my new features first) Do let me know if there's anything you're keen to see! 

I x

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