Travelling is something I've been lucky enough to do a lot of in my life, and having lived a 13-hour flight from home at one point, I've learnt a few valuable lessons in my time which I thought I'd share with both well-travelled and inexperienced readers alike. 

Plan out you day:
There's nothing wrong with going with the flow, but after a long journey which will no doubt be accompanied by tiredness, jet lag and perhaps a bad mood, having a plan is definitely a bonus. Making sure you've got to the airport/train station with plenty of time to spare, researching the best route from the airport to your accommodation when you land, and reading up on your local area can and will all make your journey that much easier.

Make sure you're entertained:
Movies, TV shows, books - download them all. There's nothing worse than sitting there bored with 8 hours still to go when you could've very easily prevented it, so make sure you have all of the entertainment you need - even more if you can - because a journey feels so much longer when you're bored.

Always, always pack a snack:
I've been on enough journeys to know that you never quite know how things will turn out, so making sure you have something to eat (and drink if you're not flying) is very important. Being unpredictable no matter how well you plan any journey, you'll never know when your next meal will be. When I moved to Russia in 2013 I was so glad that my lovely mother had prepared a packed lunch for my trip, because otherwise I would've spent two flights and hours of driving and waiting with a rumbling stomach! Even if you don't eat it, you'll be happy you have it on hand - trust me!

Do you have any tips for long journeys? Let me know!

I x

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