I love a good bit of jewellery. My style when it comes to accessorising is definitely minimal, but I believe that the right pieces can definitely make the all of the difference. I don't know if I've talked about it before, but I've racked up quite a few piercings in my time (with my current count being 7) so I spend a lot of time trying to get just the right pieces to complete my look. The main problem that I've found is with finding earrings that work with some of my upper ear piercings; ever since ear cuffs became a craze I have been envious of all of the cool styles that have come out for cuffs, but not actually for us who have the piercing (and I ain't wearing no cuff when I went through the pain to get it pierced!) I also find some of the more 'industrial' style helix jewellery really fiddly and difficult to get on/off, so I've spent a lot of time trying to find styles that I like that are also easy to handle, and so far I've found Amazon and ASOS to be the best supplier for them. From Amazon I always head for the same buyer, Pierced and Modified, as I've bought from them a few times before and I can't fault their quality or service. This time around I ordered some horseshoe barbell rings for £3 a piece and some spare ball fasteners because I always seem to drop them! As for my ASOS order, I decided to go with some 9mm hoops for my cartilage piercings, which were a tad flimsy but did the job, some dainty feather earrings, and some larger 20mm hoops just for the fun or it! 

All in all it was a fairly good haul, and although the ASOS 9mm hoops were quite fragile, I plan to pick up another pack because they are a great size and look exactly as I want them to (once I can get them on that is!)

Where are your favourite places to shop for earrings? Have any recommendations for cartilage jewellery? Hook a girl up!!

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