Whilst in Covent Garden in London the other day, waiting for a friend to meet me for lunch, I spotted a new shop out of the corner of my eye that rang a bell - it was Kikki K, a brand spankin' new addition to the UK market and a shop that I could very easily spend hours wandering around. This shop is quite frankly a blogger's dream - I could easily see myself buying pretty much every single thing in there if I had the funds - honestly it's a stationery lovers heaven! Journals, diaries, and anything a girl could possibly need are all crammed into such a neat little store, and if I hadn't been with my friends I could've been in there a hell of a lot longer than I was! So, now I've introduced you to the shop a bit, let's take a look at what I smuggled into my shopping basket...
Daily notes pad: Be Brave - £7.50
First off we have one of these lovely little daily 'to-do' lists. I am a sucker for these things - when I can actually get my arse into gear, I find them really helpful to help me productive. Weirdly, ticking things off of a to-do list gives me such a thrill that it's often worth doing some of the more tedious tasks! What's nice about this pad is that it is more than a simple 'to-do', it also has room for notes, water intake, priorities for tomorrow, amongst other things. The simple, watercolour design is also really lovely - definitely one to keep out on your desk!

Bucket List Journal - £15
Next we have a bucket list book - something that won't appeal to everyone, but something that I'm looking forward to starting. I'm a huge fan of documenting exciting and fun experiences, so I couldn't be more excited about my new purchase! This book is set out so you can write a bucket list and tick it off when you've done it, but the guy at the shop told me that he uses his to document what he's done once he's done it, and I think that's the approach I'm going to take it. I'm so excited to do something to document in my new book - but what to do first?? 

2016 A6 Weekly Leather Diary: Blue - £18

Last, but certainly not least we have my new 2016 diary! I'm so picky when it comes to diaries that this is actually the second one I've bought for 2016 (a waste, I know!) but I'm glad to say that this is definitely the one. Kikki K has some amazing diaries - some of the full on filofax-esque pieces are amazing - but I wanted to keep my diary small this year because I still don't know what I'm going to be doing/where I'm going to be going. I love the colour of it, I love the weekly layout and the month view at the beginning of each month, I love that it has wishlist, books and movies pages, and I love that it has a pocket at the back with a sheet of cute stickers in it. Basically, it's the bomb, and if you haven't yet secured yourself a diary for next year, then I'd seriously consider checking out what Kikki K has on offer! 

So, there you go - a quick look at some of the stuff that you can get your hands on if you pop into Kikki K! At the moment they only have two stores in the UK, both in Covent Garden (a permanent one and a pop-up), but if you don't live near the capital then you can visit their online shop and take a browse there! As a hardcore stationery lover, I couldn't be happier with my purchases, so I can't recommend visiting the store enough if you're in the market for something to keep you organised or get you inspired! 

Have you tried anything from Kikki K? What do you think of the brand? Let me know! 

I x

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