After many fruitless attempts to escape the boredom of unemployment, I have found myself trundelling back to my family home for Christmas a week or so earlier than planned. My home is particularly special at this time of year; not only because it hold so many wonderful memories spanning over two decades, but also because, in my eyes, my parents have the most amazing design aestetic when it comes to our humble abode. Once the decorations have been put out and the winter candles have been lit, I often find myself spending great amounts of time wandering around, trying to capture some of the Christmas magic on my camera to preserve forever. This year I've really been having trouble getting into the festive mood; all of the red cups and Christmas jingles have yet to spark that joy. If there is one thing that can excite me, though, it's the sight of my home at this time of year when it's all decked out.

True to the colour theme that I spoke about in this post, our gorgeous christmas tree is dressed up with sparkling purple and gold decorations that give a sence of instant nostalgia the second that they're unwrapped. The smell of pine that you can only ever get from a real tree fills the air, exciting even the least festive amongst us. The fridge is stuffed to the brims with food and booze, and around every corner you can find a bowl of festive treats that you enevitably end up stealing from every time you pass by. By the time Christmas Eve rolls around, my immediate family will all be at home (which only really happens at this time of year!) gathering around the fire and singing Christmas carols, ready for a day full of festiveness and family fun.

I hope you all have a jolly festive season with the ones you love (whatever you celebrate!) and start off 2016 feeling fresh and ready to take on the world! To keep you feeling festive, I've taken some of my favourite pictures of my home at Christmas for you all to enjoy!

What does your family get up to at this time of year? What are oyur favourite traditions?

Isobel x

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