So, remeber when I popped over to Hong Kong back in October and got a lovely hair treatment done? Well, today is the day that we take a closer look at the products that were used and how they worked for my hair - so, let me introduce you to Olaplex*, a great new treatment which actually helps to repair hair at the whilst colouring! 
So what exactly is Olaplex? Olaplex is a three step treatment which includes a bond multiplyer which you mix in with the hair colour (I got my blonde roots topped up), a bond perfector which you use as a hair mask after washing out the colour, and a hair perfector which is used as a hair treatment over a week or two after the initial treatment. Long story short, Olaplex is designed to repair disulphate sulfur bonds in hair strands which often suffer due to colouring, heat, and other chemical treatments that are often used. It is used to keep your hair as conditioned and healthy as possible whilst still being able to create and maintain amazing styles. So, not only does your hair look amazing as you step out of the salon, but it also remains hydrated, soft and shiny once you go home and wash it yourself! 
Before // After
Despite the fact that my hair was nicely washed and blow dried, I definitely felt a noticable difference in how healthy my hair felt even after being coloured, which you can see in the picture above. Using chemicals on your hair is always going to slightly damage it, but it's nice knowing that that can be dramatically reduced by using a product like the Olaplex set!

Before I finish I want to say a big thank you to Beverly and the entire team as The Strand HK for letting me try out this amazing new treatment! If you're ever in Hong Kong, then I seriously reccommend popping in and indulging in one of their great treatments!

Isobel x

*This treatment was provided for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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