Some fancy new fitness wear from M&S
Along with a whole bunch of others out there, my new years 'resolutions' included something health/fitness related, which in turn prompted me to feel an instant need to refresh my workout wardrobe. Lucking, M&S is doing its job right and released a brand spankin' new fitness line that coincided with this nation-wide need to hit the gym following a flurry of post-Christmas guilt. Despite the more 'mature' image that M&S is often perceived to have, they have been a long time favourite of mine for all sorts of bits because their products are always extremely well made, affordable, and easily accessible - all qualities that my newly acquired gym wear possesses. 

Some fancy new fitness wear from M&S
This Girl Can shirts - link, Grey joggers - link, Black joggers - link, This Girl Can hoodie - link, Sports bra set - link
A lot of the stuff I picked out was made in collaboration with the This Girl Can campaign, not only because it makes me feel all sassy and motivated, but also because it's a great campaign that celebrates and motivates active women. This stuff is seriously comfy, and dare I say it... stylish. There's honestly nothing that gets me more in the mood to kick some ass than slipping into some brand new gym gear. I don't know what it is, but as soon as I put on the new hoodie I purchased, I feel all streamlined and ready to take on the world, one squat at a time. It's all well and good going to the gym, but if you've got some old, five-year-old t-shirt with holes in it on then you're much less likely to get revved up to have a great workout, don't you agree? 

Where is your favourite place to buy gym wear? What do you think of M&S's new line? Let me know!

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