Exploring my city:

Having some time living at home whilst I sort my shit out has meant that I've had a lot more time and freedom to explore my hometown. Although I was born in the outskirts of London, I moved away when I was only eight years old, so there's still so much about London that I don't know, so many places yet to explore. The other week, whilst trying to fill my days, I dragged my Mum up on the train to The City and made my inaugural trip to the Museum of London to see an exhibition called The Crime Museum Uncovered, which takes a look at never-before publicised objects from the Metropolitan Police's Crime Museum, some of which date back to its establishment in the late 1800's. It was quite a small exhibition, but interesting nonetheless! Afterwards, we did a little shopping and indulged in a spot of lunch before getting back on the train at London Cannon Street. Despite the fact that I know little pockets of London like the back of my hand, it still amazes me just how much I have yet to explore, and planning little day trips like this is exactly the right way to go about it - I can't wait until my next one!

Getting the creative juices flowing:

My blog has really been playing on my mind recently; I've concluded that I either need to really dive into the process of reorganising (and possibly rebranding) this space, or continue as I am, sulking over my static, uninspiring existence. No matter how much you deny it, there does seem to be a certain 'winning formula' to creating a successful online presence; I don't necessarily agree with it, but if I need to follow some of the guidelines set out by my predecessors, then that's what I'm going to do. However, I would rather sit here as I am than give up my individuality, so I plan to counteract whatever changes I decide to make to get Isobel Rose growing again with even more personality - we'll see how that goes... Basically, I need to kick this shit into gear, so hopefully things will be changing around here soon!

Amsterdam, baby.

The 24th marked my little sister's 21st Birthday, and since everyone came to visit me for my 21st when I was living in Madrid, we decided to go on a little weekend away - she chose to visit Amsterdam. As a first-time visitor to the wonderful city that is Amsterdam, I was blown away by its architecture and its whimsical charm. The photographer in me went wild, amassing nearly 400 photos in the 3 days we spent there, of the picturesque canals and the quaint leaning houses that make up the centre of the city. Despite the wet and windy climate (not too dissimilar to the one I'd left at home...) I couldn't get enough of wandering the streets, exploring a city that felt completely alien and fascinating to me.  Above is one of the many, many photos that I snapped along the way, but I'm already drafting up a photo diary to publish on my travel blog, so I'll let you know when that's live so that you can nosey to your hearts content! 


So, there you have it, that's what I've been getting up to recently! Do you like this kind of post? I'm currently in the process of trying to streamline my content, so any feedback is welcome! 

What have you been up to recently? Please, share below! 

I x

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