Welcome back to the new and very much improved Isobel Rose! 

I've been planning a rebrand/redesign for a while now, and it occurred to me that there would be no better time to relaunch than on this blog's fifth birthday. Can you believe it - five whole years? So much has changed since then, and so it only seemed fit to update this space in order to keep up with my growth, as well as that of the blogging world. So, what's changed? Well apart from the fabulous makeover that the blog has undergone in the capable hands of the lovely and oh-so-patient Mina over at Underline Designs, I've been working hard on refocusing and streamlining my content so that I can continue to push out posts that I'm proud of. There have been a few cuts when it comes to themes or post styles, but rest assured that all of your favourite series have either survived the overhaul or have been reimagined in a whole new and exciting way! 

I've also been working behind the scenes on my posting schedule, my editing skills, and my social media strategy in the hopes that this beautiful little blog of mine can continue to grow and further gain loyal readers. Ideally, this relaunch will allow I.R. to continue on its way to becoming an essential read for like-minded young adults battling their way through their twenties, and all the shit that comes with it. I'm no longer a teenager or even a university student like I was when I started this blog, so the content that will be coming your way three times a week should begin to reflect the new life stage I've found myself in, and anything that could possibly be relevant or important to a girl like me, and hopefully, you.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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