Okay, so this rant has been a long time coming and it was never something I intended to make into a blog post, but it's beauty related so why the hell not? Apparently over the last year of so leave-in conditioners have gone 'out of fashion' and have therefore been disappearing off of the shelves in a hasty fashion. Why? God knows - maybe it's suddenly 'on trend' to look like a badger pulled through a bush backwards, or maybe cosmetic companies are playing a game with us thick/curly-haired, frizz-prone girls and waiting to see how long it is until we squeal in protest. Either way, I'm not happy. The latest health trend appears to be adding every oil under the sun to our diets, our skin, our hair - you name it - and I'm fine with that, that is until you start messing with my routine. As with every other market, oil infused products have been replacing their less trendy counterparts and the cosmetic fat cats have somehow decided that all of these hair oil products are a suitable alternative to my beloved leave-in conditioning spray. 

Hair oils are not a substitute for leave-in conditioners. Full stop. 

Hair oils are companions to detangling products - they add shine, moisture and can even help to tame frizz. Hell, they probably do act somewhat like a conditioner to girls with thinner, straighter hair, but guess what? Those girls never bought leave-in conditioner in the first place. Funnily enough, I use my detangling spray to detangle - revolutionary, no? If I tried to use hair oil like I use my leave-in conditioner I would end up with an overly oily and still tangled lump of hair which would need washing again resulting in me ending up back at square one. I don't have time for this - I'm all for trends and trying something new but newsflash, this isn't working for me. I now have to scour the supermarket for old stock or buy foreign products on Amazon just to get my hands on a half decent bottle of the stuff and, considering that my entire (practically non-existent) hair routine relies on a leave-in spray, I'm close to furiously tweeting every company that sells haircare demanding that they return it to shelves. Dramatic? A touch. First world problems? Absolutely, but irritating beyond measure? You betcha'. 

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