It has somehow been over a month since my last post and there's been a few reasons for that. Firstly, I didn't want to do any work or blogging whilst I was away for a week in June, but also I felt a certain relief when I didn't push myself into writing and promoting posts. As time went on, I realised that I was blaming myself for not being creative or motivated enough, but in reality, I wasn't really trying. I was (and still often am) filling every silence with stimuli - whether it be a new season on Netflix, an interesting book on my kindle or listening to the same album over and over again - I seem incapable of just being, of allowing my mind to wander. The problem? All the best stuff happens when you aren't trying to distract yourself, but instead are letting thoughts manifest as they will. It's where the magic happens, you see, but our overwhelmingly technological world often keeps us too busy to remember to step back for a minute and let our minds run as they are intended to. I've talked about mindfulness before and how it helped me during my period of unemployment earlier this year, but ever since I started working I've had less time to devote to caring for myself which has led to the practise of mindfulness flying out the window. I guess the lesson here is that no matter how much free time you have, you need to make yourself dedicate some of it to stopping, thinking and 'simply being' (as corny as it may sound) for as little as five minutes a day. Keeping yourself busy is good, but keeping yourself so busy that you don't ever stop and let your thoughts run free can be extremely detrimental for not only your productivity, but your emotional state and pretty much every other area of your life.

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