A spark can come from anywhere. "Y su cabello es largo, son un sol que te antoja" translating to "and her hair is long, it's the sun that you crave" - a line from a new song by Carlos Vives and Shakira called La Bicicleta, another song from Shakira that has managed to captivate me and made me want to get back to using my Spanish to its full potential. It's extremely easy to lose motivation and sometimes it takes something random to put you back on track. I don't know why I always forget, but translating songs always get me excited about a language. Just like in English, I like to actually understand what the song is trying to say rather than blindly singing along to it - it makes me proud to participate in such a colourful, cultural aspect of a language that I have studied for half of my life. 

Sometimes you just have to think back to what inspired you in the first place. I bet you it'll be the spark you've been looking for to get you back on track.

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