Hey guys,

So this morning I received my April Glossybox in the post - unfortunately I had to wait 2 hours to open it as I had classes! Any way, let me get into it!

Following the 'earth-friendly' theme, the glossybox arrived in a plain box as opposed to their usual patterned box.

All of the packaging - the box, the tissue, the ribbon and the filling were plain and not dyed in any way!

So first I received a perfume sample. Once again I am a bit peeved at Glossybox for this as it is TINY - the vile isn't even full! 

I've been wanting to try out this brand for a while so I am happy with this product! I'm glad I got the rose scented one also as it's one of my favourite scents. 

Finally glossybox seems to have taken my profile into account - they've sent me a product that works for my skin! I'm excited to try this skin serum out, I'll let you know how it goes - very exciting! 

Another body wash - but luckily for glossybox I LOVE anything coconut so I am also rather pleased with this! It's a full sized product (actually on second look, it is 200ml rather than the full sized 235ml - still practically full sized!), just like the lip balm :) I smelt this and it's amazing so i'm excited to try it out. However, really, another body wash??

The eyeliner was the last thing I opened from my glossybox, and to my surprise - the box was EMPTY! I've sent an email to glossybox so hopefully this will be resolved. With the amount of boxes sent out I can see how this could've happened. I will give glossybox a few days to get back to me, and if they resolve the problem quickly, then I will be happy. I'll get back to you on how it goes!

Apart from the small eyeliner blunder, I am happy with the box! I am excited to try 3/5 of the products, and I's sure i'd like 4/5 if the eyeliner ever shows up. Safe to day that I am much happier with this box than the previous 'Harrods' box. As long as they get back to me regarding the missing item, then glossybox has, for the most part, redeemed themselves.

What did you guys get in your glossybox?
Were you happy?

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  1. I got the exact same box as you.. except mine had an eye liner in the box. Hopefully glossybox will sort that out for you. It almost feels like they're reading our profiles now and coconut is my favourite smell ever so they know it all. Definitely an improvement from recent boxes I think :)