Hey guys,

I received this box a good few months back but was significantly underwhelmed so I didn't rush to upload this post. However - I thought that it would still be worth posting to show you guys the kind of products to expect if you are looking to sign up of the SheSaidBeauty Box.

The packaging resembles that of Glossybox, yet has a significantly cheaper feel to it.

The first product I received was this face and neck scrub. This didn't do much for me as, first of all, it is a tiny sample, and secondly, I just don't think it does much for me!

Was particularly unimpressed with this product. It's a lip balm, and not a good one at that. It has that fake, plastic-y smell like a balm you would buy for a 6 year old. I actually just threw this away as I couldn't find anyone that wanted it!

This is the only product that I received that I actually enjoyed. It's a gorgeous golden-champagne colour from the brand 'Bellá Pierra' - of whom I've never heard of before. It's a generous sized sample also so I'm happy with this.

This polish didn't do much for me; it applied streaky and took ages to dry.

It was quite nice to receive these samples to try out and the kit came with a good variety of products to experiment with. I particularly enjoyed the cream-gel but I probably wont be rushing out anytime soon to purchase any of these.

I gave this to my mum - that is how little interest I had in it. Plus I believe this was in some of the Harrods Glossy boxes (luckily not mine!).

As this was the March/April box (I can't remember which!) it was nice to receive this little Lindor easter egg :)

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