Day 3 was action packed to say the least. We had a slightly earlier wakeup call so we could get going and really explore Marrakech. At about 9am, we set off and before long, entered the newer part of the city and arrived at Yves Saint Laurent Gardens. It is an absolutely stunning place, so vibrant and full of life. Countries from all over the world have sent plants to add to the garden, I swear there must have been over 100 different type of cacti. We got to explore the gardens, but also went into a Berber Museum. The Berber people come from the mountainous parts of Morocco, and have a completely different language and culture. It was really interesting to see what kind of tools they use and learn more about their way of life. We then popped back into the car and headed back towards the old city, most of which is inclosed within a wall which actually closes at night. We then were dropped off in a big square, full of bustling market stalls. But that was only the beginning... Then we embarked on a shopping adventure into the medina, or local market, and thank god we had a guide - it was huge! Even though he knew exactly where he was going, it took us a good few hours to navigate the entire thing. It was absolutely fascinating - I must have taken over 100 photos, if not more. We also picked up some goodies, but I'll show you those in a later post. After a few spectacular (and sneeze filled) hours (there were quite a few donkeys around!), we finally reached the end. We got back to the hotel for about 2pm, and were quick to get to the restaurant. I had an amazing pasta dish - with tomatoes, basil, garlic oil and roasted prawns. Then, at about 4pm, I got to enjoy an amazing argan oil massage - the perfect end to the perfect day. Until tomorrow!

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