Day 4 was amazing. We left the hotel at about 9am and set out on an hours trip to the foot-hills of the High Atlas Mountains. When you think of Morocco, you don't necessarily think of snow-capped mountains, at least I didn't. After an hour of driving we reached our destination, the bottom of a steep path heading up one of the smaller hills. We trekked upwards for about 30 minutes before arriving at a little house, where we met a local family. They then lead us further upwards to a shelter with an amazing view of the terracotta-coloured mountains. There, we were treated to sage and geranium tea, along with a picnic lunch. It was incredible, we even found a wild tortoise and named him Magnus :) . After relaxing for a couple of hours, we headed back down the mountain side and hopped into the car before heading back to Marrakech. I was pretty tired after getting back to the hotel so I might have taken a sneaky nap!! Then, at about 6pm, we all met up again for cocktails and canapés before dinner - yum! I finished off the night with a mojito and then shuffled off to bed - bliss! Until tomorrow...

P.S. tomorrow's post might be a bit late as I'm flying back to London!

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