Hey guys, so as you can probably guess, today's post is about this months Glossybox! Glossybox is turning 2 this month which is pretty cool. This means that we got a few extra treats in out boxes. I'v had a quick play around with my items and look at other peoples boxes to compare. So, without further ado, let's get into it!

If you've been following me for long, you will know that I love this range. I got the hai oil in one of the previous boxes and used every last bit of it up. Although I'm a bit sceptical about a product like a shine spray, I am looking forward to giving it a go. Plus when they say light-weight, they mean it! The mist is super fine. I am a bit gutted thought that the other hair product going around in other boxes this month was the Caudalie Divine Oil! Oh well, I'm sure I'll enjoy this!

Now I'm not sure if I would consider Collection as a high end brand (in fact, far from it), but I have heard good things about this product. It is tiny, which is great for travel purposes, has a sturdy tip, and is very black. Only time will tell with this product, although if I like it then I'm sure you'll hear about it!

This is a company that I haven't hear of before. I received this lovely gunmetal colour called, well, 'Gunmetal' (imaginative naming there!) I have yet to try this out so I can't comment on wear time of application, but I'm sure I will do a 'nail of the day' post about it when I finally try it out. It costs £9 so it should be pretty good!!

I'm not sure about this one! Firstly, I've never really been a fan of Jelly Pong Pong products in the past and secondly, it feels pretty cheap (despite costing £15!). However, I shall not knock it until I try it. However, I am pretty picky with mascaras so I won't hold my breath! 

The next product is a bit of a strange one! From what I can work out, it both a primer and a mixing medium. This intrigues me! It is aloe vera based - which is moisturising for the skin, works as a mattifying primer, and can be mixed with powder products to make them cream. I look forward to giving this a go!

Then, we have the extras. First we have some neon pink disposable nail files that are always handy to have in your hand bag. Then, we have a little Green & Blacks 70% dark chocolate! It says in the booklet that if you have been a subscriber for a year or over (which I have), then there would be a little extra treat in the box. I assume that that was the chocolate because I have seen boxes online that didn't contain it. Overall this was a pretty good box from Glossybox. It hasn't quite lived up to last months amazing box, but it does include 4 full size products, which is pretty crazy. In addition, the total value of the box adds up to be about £47 - which is amazing when we only pay £12.95 for it. Well done Glossybox!

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