"An extraordinary encounter between the worlds of rock ‘n’ roll and perfume, this new fragrance is an unexpected twist to the original Very Irrésistible Givenchy. Joyfully tangy, top notes of blueberry are punctuated by the lively intensity of a natural lemon zest and basil-verbena twist. An electric anise rose heart is softened by a touch of tender green violet, downy and carnal before descending to a vibrant base of sulphurous cedarwood and musky pearl."

Let me just start off by saying that I love anything rose, and Givenchy's Electric Rose is certainly no exception. At first, this scent reminded me of Paul Smith's Rose (one of my favourite all-time scents), but after trying it out for longer, I discovered that Electric Rose has a twist to it - it's sexy, yet floral and feminine at the same time. The multiple, contrasting tones within the scent allow it to go beyond a typical rose scent to a perfume that delights you with it's multifaceted personality. It also has a fairly decent wear time. I find most perfumes seem to disappear within an hour on me, but with Electric Rose, I could still smell a hint of it at the end of the day (however faint it might've been). 

The packaging of this fragrance is very sleek and appealing. I like the use of silver and the ombré of the white. The only complaint I have about the packaging is the top and lid - they just feel a bit cheap, and that they could break at any minute. 

Overall I am a huge fan of this scent and would definitely encourage anyone that enjoys a floral scent to go and check it out.

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