As many of you may know, I am currently spending the first part of my Year Abroad in the mysterious country of Russia. I have been living in a city called Voronezh, which is about 1 hours flight south of Moscow, for two months now, with only one month left until I pop on a plane back to the good 'ol UK. Whilst I've been here, I've been keeping a travel journal of sorts on my second blog that you can find here. I know that when I've posted travel blogs in the past they have been well received so I thought I'd link you guys to two of my most interesting posts - my trips to both St. Petersburg and Moscow. I hope you guys enjoy reading about my trips, and feel free to check out some of the other posts on there if you want to find out more about my time in Russia so far. So without further ado, go ahead and click on one (or both) of the pictures below to read about my trips around Russia!

I know that travel blogs aren't to everyones taste, so I will be getting back to beauty posts on this blog in no time. However, if you do enjoy travel posts then please do feel free to follow my travel blog on Bloglovin'.

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