Over the past few weeks my eyes have been open to the world of high street brow products. As a blonde, it has always been hard to find decent, affordable colour matches - ginger eyebrows still haunt me. Luckily, Maybelline has swooped in become every blonde girls saviour. Two new brow products - the Brow Drama and the Master Shape Brow Pencil - both in Dark Blonde, have really helped to keep my brows in tip-top shape. The pencil has a smooth, waxy texture that glides on effortlessly and stays in place all day, whilst the brow mascara adds texture to your brows and a tint of colour. Another great thing about this particular pencil is that it has a spoolie brush at the other end - a tool that can not be overlooked when discussing brows.

However, these products alone are not going to give you the perfect brows - grooming is essential. If you have naturally blonde, fine hair like me then more than likely your brows are going to follow suit. Every month or so, I like to tint my eyebrows to keep them looking full and neat. My brows are literally so light that it takes a good few minutes every morning to get them looking fuller and more presentable, and I really don`t like leaving the house without my eyebrows 'on'. However, if they are dyed, I can wake up and be out the door without touching them - although I generally like to give them a bit of a going over. I do however think that dyeing my brows makes them look a lot fuller as it manages to tint all of the tiny blonde baby hairs as well, meaning less filling in for me! 

As for dyes, I have tried both the Eyelure and Colorsport versions in Dark Brown and find them to work equally well. However, like many things in beauty, trial and error is key. The dye is supposed to be left on for about 10 minutes - which I tend to stick to - whereas my equally blonde sister prefers leaving it closer to 20 minutes. Just remember - start of with leaving it for 10 minutes, you can always leave it for longer next time, but it's quite hard to undo what's already been done! So that's the basic story of how I keep my brows looking neat - apart from the monthly waxing session and the odd tweeze. Do you have any favourite brow products or any secret tips? Let me know in the comments!

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