Before I found this, I used the Origins Drink Up Intense mask - which I do love - but doesn't moisturise quite as much as this. During my time in Russia, this was the main product keeping my skin from falling off! This is made not only for dry/dehydrated skin, but also sensitive skin, so if you've had problems with the Origins version, I would recommend giving this one a go.

Another hydrating skin product - what a surprise. Massage this oil into your face before nodding off and you'll wake up with moisturised, bright skin, which is a pleasure to work with. Lots of people are scared of facial oils because, generally when you think oil, you think spots - but that's not the case with this. If anything, it helps to clear up and break-outs you may have. 

Now I'm sure you've all heard of this so I don't need to say much about it. However, for those new to the beauty world, I'll quickly fill you in. This amazing mask is a chemical exfoliator, which means it gets rid of all that dry skin without having to manually scrub it away. Whenever I use this, my skin comes out feeling so plump and new - it really is incredible.

I know, I know, I've just talked about how much I love the REN mask, but sometimes you've just got to give your face a good scrub. Origins Modern Friction has become probably my favourite exfoliator of all time. The problem I find with most manual exfoliators is that they're just too harsh - they end up doing more harm than good. This one gets the job done without feeling like you've just been attacked by sandpaper. Sounds like a winner in my book.

I first tried this last December and it quickly became a favourite. Firstly, I love anything rose - as displayed by my next pick, it is fantastic value for money, and quite frankly it does the job well. What more can I say?

Paul Smith 'Rose' (£29/30ml):
I must admit, it was very hard choosing a favourite fragrance, but 'Rose' is always one I can turn to when I don't know what to wear. I must also mention that this is the only fragrance that I have ever repurchased - that must mean something! This is just a very fresh, floral (surprisingly!) scent that works all year round.

This is a fairly new addition to my stash having only tried it out for the first time in September. This is one of those classic '2 part' waterproof makeup removers that you have to shake up before using. However, I find this a lot less harsh and perhaps more effective than any other waterproof makeup remover that I've tried in the past. This makes taking off heavy eye makeup a breeze - no more scrubbing away to get off the last flakes of mascara - and because it's oil based, it leaves the skin around your eyes feeling hydrated rather than stripped.

Another cult product that doesn't need much explaining. I didn't believe the hype until I tried this out for myself - but trust me, it's hyped up for a reason. It hydrated more than any other lip balm I have ever experienced, and I have tried quite a few in my time. It scored 10/10 from me!

So we've come to the end of my 'Best of 2013' series. I hope you have been inspired to try out some new products, and if you have any favourites that I haven't mentions, let me know! 

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  1. I love the Paul Smith Rose perfume. I always get compliments on it. And the camomile makeup remover looks lovely QworterLifeCrisis

  2. My lips are always so dry so maybe the if I find the Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Blam I'll splurge a bit :)