Although I was fairly skeptical when buying this, I'm so so glad I did. It's just the perfect highlighter - no glitter, no greasy-looking skin - just pure perfection. I love mixing this with my foundation to get that gorgeous 'dewy' look, it just works so much better than any other liquid highlighter that I've tried. 

Ever since Seventeen rebranded, they have really upped their game. One of my favourite new releases from them is the 'Stay Time' concealer, which is not only high coverage, but also really moisturising. If you've been wanting to try out the NARS Creamy Concealer, but can't take that kind of hit to your wallet, this is a great, much more reasonably priced option. At less than a fiver, you can't really go wrong.

If you're in the market for an affordable taupe eyeshadow, then look no further. I've been using this constantly lately, and for someone who owns nearly every other eyeshadow on the planet, that's quite a feat. It's the perfect blend of brown and silver - basically it's the perfect frosted taupe. End of.

I'm a worrier. There, I said it, and sometimes everything can become a bit overwhelming. Enter the Origins 'Piece of Mind' - a little bottle of amazing-ness that can help you out in any situation. I like to apply it to my temples, and the combination of minty freshness and the slight tingling sensation it creates just soothes me. It also works wonders for travel sickness, headaches and restless nights. Don't believe me? Pop to your local Origins counter and give it a go for yourself!

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  1. I almost picked up the revlon highlighter and I'm regretting that I didn't pick one up! I'm always trying to achieve that dewy, flawless looking face!

    Great post! Now I have some shopping inspiration :)

    1. Aw that's a shame - it's definitely one to look out for. Thanks - glad I could be of assistance! xx