If there ever was a shadow to beat them all, this beauty from Burberry would be a strong contender. Rosewood is simply gorgeous, it's what I would describe as a true taupe, the perfect blend of grey, brown and purple, that will look stunning on anyone. The texture? Smooth and buttery, now would you expect anything less from Burberry? Not only is the colour and texture beautiful, but the packaging is absolutely breath-taking. The shadow comes in a luxury black velvet pouch, made to protect the precious cargo stowed within. The eyeshadow casing itself has a nice amount of weight to it, confirming that the £20+ you handed over was 100% worth it. The opening is magnetic, adding to the luxury, and reveals a gorgeous shadow embossed in the classic Burberry check. I do understand that £22.50 is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a single eyeshadow, but if you are looking to treat yourself, rest assured that you will be getting a truly amazing product that will last you a lifetime.


  1. This was the first eyeshadow I bought from
    Burberry and I've been hooked ever since! x


  2. this looks like the eyeshadow i have been looking for my entire life

  3. I always love Burberry packaging <3 this eyeshadow is gorgeous