I simply cannot get enough of this stuff - it's the ultimate lazy girl's cleanser (aka me) and I've been using it ever since I popped it in my basket a month or so ago. Simply get two pumps on clean hands and massage it straight onto a full face of makeup, then add a touch of water to make it a bit milkier, before using a wet flannel to wash it all off - et voila! I also use this on my eyes as it melts away any mascara or darker liner without a problem, and it doesn't leave a oily residue like you might expect. 
The only perfume I have ever finished and repurchased has made a comeback on my dressing table, and it's a fragrance that I simply cannot resist. It's a signature scent for me (very fitting when it comes to it's name) and it's a perfume I've been wearing since I was 15-16. Classic, floral and good to go all year 'round? Sounds like my kinda' deal.

I'm known for always having an array of hand creams in my collection (and often about my person!) so I know a thing or two about keeping your mitts nourished. I got this on my way to the checkout in Boots after a friend informed me of her love for it, and it was a fine purchase indeed. Nourishing, non-greasy, beautifully scented and all for less than £2? Sign me up!


  1. I soo need to try the cleansing oil I haven't shopped in body shop for ages and love the look of the chamomile range xxx

  2. I love the Cleansing Oil x


  3. Love the look of the cleanser, I'm really looking around at cleansers at the moment as some of them especially Liz Earle can be a tad expensive for what they are, but this does sound good! Never thought an oil cleanser would sound good! xx


  4. Still not got round to getting the oil!

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  5. You definitely need to try it - the whole range is incredible! x

  6. It's lovely and so light weight - plus only £10 is a complete bargain! x