For the last few weeks I have been trialling some new (very lovely) skincare bits from a brand that, until this point, I had never had the chance to try before; Rodial. I was luckily enough to receive both the Rodial Glamtox Day SPF15* and the Rodial Glamtox Serum* in the post, and I can ensure you that since the moment I got my mitts on them, I've been generously slathering them on at every opportunity. Let's get started by taking a quick look at the Glamtox line and what it promises to deliver in these insanely chic looking silver tubes of joy. The Glamtox line is aimed at lifting and brightening tired skin, and is particularly effective at targeting ageing skin and wrinkles. If we want to be more specific, Rodial actually describes the Glamtox line as 'Containing ingredients such as Vitamin C for brightening, Gransil to correct skin tone, Wheat Protein to reduce lines and wrinkles, this is a 5 step range to flawless, younger looking skin.'

The Rodial Glamtox Serum* is a natural oil based serum enriched with vitamins that's aimed at brightening your complexion and smoothing out wrinkles, as well as hydrating and promoting clearer skin. Sounds like rather a big claim right? Well, after giving this a good ol' testing for a few weeks, I can confirm that this serum is certainly a welcome addition to my skincare routine. Then we have the Rodial Glamtox Day SPF15 Moisturiser* - a beautiful day cream that provides similar effects to the serum mentioned above. As well as reducing the appearance of wrinkles and providing intense hydration, it also provides SPF 15 which protects your skin from any further damage. What's more, it is also an excellent base for make up - it absorbs extremely quickly but helps to even out any uneven skin texture. Along with the Rodial Glamtox Serum*, this provides the perfect foundation for my daily skincare routine. 

Overall, the products that I've had the pleasure to try from the Rodial Glamtox line have been really lovely. Using both the serum and the day moisturiser everyday have allowed me to experience the definition of luxury skincare. For my sensitive, dry skin, this line has been extremely beneficial to use, and although I am only 21 and am not yet in the need for anti-aging products, I can still see the great benefits that the line has had on my skin.

This has been my first time trying any Rodial products and I've been thoroughly impressed! Have any of you tried any of their products? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

The products marked with an asterisk (*) were sent to me for reviewing purposes, but all opinions my own. No payment was received for this post, apart from the products themselves. 


  1. Love the look of this duo, and I have wanted to try Rodial out for so long now!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD // Win a Luxury Beauty Item of your Choice

  2. I have their stencil superfood range and I loved everything, especially the facial oil which I have sadly used up! x

  3. I know me too! I'm so glad I finally have had the chance to try some products - they're lovely! x