Who knew that Maxfactor made good lipliners? Because they don't usually have a typical stand in Boots, I often overlook the brand but that has been a big mistake on my part. The lipliner that I've been loving is called 'Pink Princess' and it's a lovely natural rose-y pink colour that compliments lipstick colours like 'Mehr' from MAC. Beware when choosing the right shade, though - the swatches on the end of the pencils aren't anywhere near correct, so make sure you try out the testers before buying!

When I received this baby for Christmas last year I was thrilled; it's an absolute stunner but as with all of my other eyeshadow palettes, it was soon taken out of the rotation and got lost in the crowd. However, moving home a few months ago meant that I have had a good chance to go through my stash and recover lost treasures like this bad boy. Hurrah! 

Assorted earrings:
I personally love piercings and I've been really into showing mine off as of late by making sure I have all of the right jewellery. I'm always disappointed when I go into shops to find nice earrings and only find ear cuffs - with the amount of people with piercings these days I wish they made both earrings and cuffs with the same designs! Anyway, I've found that the best places to buy simple rings and studs are Amazon (specifically the shop Pierced and Modified) as well as ASOS (which the thin ones above are from). Do you have any suggestions for jewellery shops? Let me know!

I x

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