Today, 19th February 2016 marks the beginning of a month-long blogging break* for I.R. Well, when I say 'break', I mean a break from uploading new content, but I certainly won't be resting for a single second. See, 19th March will be the fifth anniversary of my little blog's birthday, and to mark the occasion I'm going to be relaunching a brand spankin' new Isobel Rose - a 2.0 of sorts that is currently being reconceptualised and reworked ready for a fabulous relaunch! (Say re again?) This break in releasing new content will enable me to really sort through what I've been doing over the last five years and identify what works for me and what doesn't, as well as refocus my ideas and energy into something that I'm 100% happy with. So, I'll be a bit quiet around these parts, but still as active as ever on social media, so if you miss my witty personality too much (!!) then makes sure to check out my Twitter, Facebook Page, Instagram and Pinterest. As part of the rebrand, I've actually divided up my Instagram and Twitter accounts so that I now have accounts for both my blog and personal use. Feel free to follow both, and just to help you out, if you're already following one then it is my blog's account! Links for my personal twitter and instagram accounts are here.

So, I guess that's it! Keep your eyes and ears open for changes and updates, and I'll see you all very shortly with a whole new I.R!

*I still have a WIBL post to go up between now and the relaunch, so that will be an exception!

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