As is* quite common these days in the vlogging/blogging community, book deals are being handed out left and right to anyone who publishers consider to have a vast enough audience. Estée Lalonde, Zoella, FleurDeForce, Deliciously Ella - I could go on for days listing the latest ‘internet celebrities’ to sign their own deal. Some of their choices have seemed a tad strange to me in the past - not because said bloggers/vloggers haven’t worked hard, but because generally to write a non-fiction book (which the majority of these new books are) one would first need to be considered an expert in the field about which they are writing, for example, Lisa Eldridge or the Pixiwoo sisters. This has made me wonder - if I was offered a book deal next week, what would my book be about? 

Being in the same age bracket of many of these stars, I have a similar level of life experience as them, and yet I am racking my brain to find anything that I could possibly know enough about to write a whole book on. Surely I haven’t done or learned enough in my 23 years to compile a whole book’s worth of knowledge? It still puzzles me as to why celebrities like Zayn Malik feel that they can even begin to write an autobiography at the tender age of 25.

However, that’s not the point - I’ve got an imaginary book to write and I need to find a subject to cover. Browsing through what I consider to be my strengths and weaknesses, my areas of expertise and any useful life experience that I might have, I’ve come up with the following ideas for my imaginary book:

How to prepare for moving abroad: what you do when you get there, settling into a new way of life/culture/language, etc.


Tips for learning a language

These are the only things that I can think of that I might have enough experience of to advise or guide others. At such a young age I don’t really feel like I have any authority to write about anything else with any conviction - I don’t even feel like 5.5 years of blogging provides me with the knowledge to advise anyone on the subject, even in the form of a blog post, never mind a book that they would need to pay me money for. Maybe that’s just me. 

So, now I pass the question to you. I’d love for you to write a comment below telling me what kind of book you’d write if you miraculously signed a book deal tomorrow, no strings attached. Go into as much detail as you want, I’m dying to read your answers!

* For some bizarre reason Blogger won't let me put a space between 'as' and 'is'. I've racked my brain all day and I can't seem to figure it out, so that's what this little annotation is for!

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