I never realised how ridiculously expensive this liner is, so boy am I glad that I got it in October's My Little Brooklyn Box. As you'd expect for something at this price point, it glides on effortlessly and really stays put once applied. If it was even £10 cheaper then I'd be interested in buying another shade, but I'm afraid I'm not made of money, ByTerry. 

MAC Whirl Lipstick and Lipliner (£14 and £13):
As someone who tends to give into trends sooner or later, the last time I had a bit of spare change in my pocket I bought this seriously dreamy duo that I've been sporting on pretty much every possible occasion. Not quite pink, not quite brown, this fan favourite is really doing it for me right now.

You can tell that My Little Box subscription has been impressing me lately because this is the second item on the list from them - their Summer Lips Lip Balm. Tinted slightly red, this moisturising balm is perfect for an all over tint, or if you're feeling particularly sassy, a subtle ombré lip effect. I've been a fan of both styles lately when it comes to keeping my lips hydrated and protected against the ever-strengthening winter winds.

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