Despite the ever-improving variety of clothing on the market that caters for those who don't necessarily fit the norm, embracing fashion trends as a plus size girl has never been easy. For months I've been scouring all the stores and a good portion of the interweb to find a bralet in a size that would be able to contain a decent portion of my chest area, which granted, is a mighty task in itself. I don't know what it didn't come to me before, but recently I decided to check the lingerie section of the most underestimated stores - M&S - because their excellent sizing range has always catered well to me before (not just for clothing, but also for my atrociously large feet!) Although they didn't have a huge range of bralets available, I managed to pick up this lacy number in three colours to satisfy my wireless needs, and OH MY LORD are they comfortable. As they're elasticated and clasp-less they're not too tight and the lack of underwire stabbing me in the side is also a very nice addition. Add to that that they don't add any further padding to my already large bosom and that they somehow still give me enough support for everyday use (no jogging in these, ladies!) I can confidently say that I've found a winner.

So, on the behalf of every plus sized girl out there, thank you M&S! We applaud you for continuing to cater to such a variety of shapes and sizes.

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