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Today is going to be another post which includes a few quick reviews. Today I will be reviewing a L'oreal Caresse Lipstick in 'Cheeky Magenta'. a Collection 2000 Colour Puff, Essie's 'Topless and Barefoot', and Eyeko's brown Skinny Liner. 

The first product is one of L'oreal's Caresse lipsticks. These are very similar to the Revlon Lip Butters and have been compared to them everywhere. If you are not familiar with either of these products, they are basically semi-sheer, glossy lipsticks. They have a lovely finish and shade range, although there are not as many shades as there are in Revlon's line. 

There's not much to say about this product other than 'wow'. This is a creamy lip product that dries down matte, resulting in amazing wear time. I love the smell of these - they smell like icing :) They are incredibly affordable and have amazing colour payoff. A big thumbs up all round from me!

This is a product that doesn't really do much at all for me. The colour is nice but apart from that, there's not much that appeals. The liner is stiff, hard and the colour payoff is just passable. Also, I think that the packaging is awfully wasteful! Luckily, I received this in a Glossybox so I din't have to pay full price for this!

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  1. What are the prices of these products?

    1. The l'oreal caresse is £7.99, the cream puff is £2.99 and the eyeliner is £10! x

  2. I love L'Oreal lipsticks this color is very pretty!