During my weekly trip to Sephora (I love living in Spain!) I spotted this face mask from Erborian - a Korean skincare brand that's currently being featured in the 'New In' section of the store. Everything about this screamed 'buy me' - its Asian origin (we all know they do the best skincare!), the fact that it's an overnight mask, and the letters BB. After the hype of BB and CC creams, I just had to know what a BB mask had to offer, so into my basket it popped. So what exactly is a sleeping BB mask? Well, let's take a look...

The idea behind this mask, according to the brand, is to 'cocoon' your skin whilst you sleep, helping it to repair, rehydrate and revitalise. It actually is recommended for use during periods of high stress, aiming to help the skin recover and keep signs of darkness or blemishes at bay. Basically, it's claiming to be an 'everything' mask - but can it really pull all of that off?  

Now I don't want to speak too soon as I've only tried this out a handful of times, but this really could be something special. I woke up the next morning with baby smooth skin, a lack of redness, and some hormonal spots that had started to pop up had been significantly reduced. How can this be? Is it really possible for a face mask to be both hydrating but also contain blemish fighting properties? Don't ask me - my bet is that some kind of voodoo magic is at work - but whatever it is, I like it. Now, because this seems to be the 'jack of all trades' of masks, I will note that although it was hydrating, it was no match for masks that only concentrate on injecting our skin with moisture. However, this plus a damn good night cream could be the answer to all of our prayers. Watch this space, I'll be keeping you updated about how I get on with this. 

Whilst doing a bit of research, I noticed that you can get your hands on a bunch of Erborian products from both Space NK and Selfridges - so if you're looking to try this lovely little mask out, pop into your nearest branch or visit their website. 

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  1. This sounds like a miracle product! Never thought a blemish targeting mask could be a hydrating one too! Wish I could get my hands on it.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. That sounds so interesting, a BB Mask!

    Kate xo / www.beautybabbles.com

  3. I know! Curiosity got the best of me ;) x

  4. Hrrmm, hopefully it'll become available to you soon! x

  5. Sounds like an interesting concept, I might need to try it :)